The ALA Team is:

Lyn Doole 


In 2005, Lyn  retired as a full professor in the Faculty of Nursing, Miyagi University, Japan, and returned to Australia where she organises courses in the discipline, and teaches at the University of Adelaide, mentoring international students. Lyn has been a key member of the International Light Association Board since 2010, being the Communications Officer and Conference Co-ordinator. She is now retired from these key positions and is busy organising the ALA’s next Conference, as well as keeping in touch with her many connections in the filed of light and colour around the world.

Amanda Hoffmann 


With a career in education, Amanda taught English in Malaysia and Singapore for a number of years. Since returning to Australia in 2004, she has worked in university preparatory programs and in the graduate school. Amanda  served on the ILA Board as Secretary from 2013 -16 and worked on projects as Education Director. She managed the ILA Facebook page for several years and has edited three editions of ILA’s Journal of Light. Amanda is now focussed on spreading the word about ‘light for health’ through ALA and beyond as Coordinator of ILA Chapter Associations.

Thelma van der Werff

Thelma, originally from the Netherlands, is based in New Zealand. She developed the Colour Comfort Method, a combination of Psychology of Colour and Body Mind Analysis; and co-created Colournostics with Mary Ashby-Green, combining NLP and colour psychology. These methods are tools for using colour for deeper insight, transformation and solutions. Thelma sees colour as a language and loves teaching people how to speak and interpret the language of colour. She is a current Board Member of the International Light Association which is based in Belgium.

Maniisha Bluntschli

Maniisha has worked as an acupuncturist and naturopathic practitioner for 28 years. She runs a private practice in Fremantle, Western Australia and conducts clinical research studies in this field using a range of assessment modalities including Kirlian-based electro-photography. Maniisha is one of the co-founders of the ALA and is passionate about extending knowledge about light and colour and their potential for healing into the broader community.