ALA Adelaide 2018

A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to our ILA/ALA members and friends!

Here is the latest news of our upcoming ALA conference in Adelaide.

We are offering discounted rates for early bird registrations and payments for the conference.

The cost for the two-day programme, including morning/afternoon refreshments is:
Full Conference            ILA Members:  $140                Non-Members:  $180

Early Bird                           ILA Members:   $120               Non- Members:   $160     

Single Day                      ILA Members:  $70                  Non-Members:  $90


We are also offering a FREE COPY of Jacob Liberman’s E-book ‘Wisdom From an Empty Mind’  with every registration and payment before the 31st January 2018.

Plus … you will receive a CHANCE TO WIN (by draw) a copy of Dr. Mark Roger’s book ‘Seven Principles to Healing Chronic Pain.’

Do register early and please spread the word to your friends and colleagues! 

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Sydney Conference – Maniisha Bluntschli

We’re pleased to share another presentation filmed at the first Conference on Light and Health held in Sydney last March.

Maniisha is an acupuncturist and light therapist from Western Australia and Chair of the ALA. In this presentation, she gives a practical demonstration of various assessment methods useful for light therapy. Maniisha also explains and demonstrates a colour selection test, discusses measuring the human bio-field followed by a practical demonstration using the Russian GDV electro-photography camera technique.

Prepare to be informed and educated!

Sydney Conference – Jeremy Halpin

‘Inner Light and the Meridian System of Traditional Chinese Medicine’. A presentation given by Jeremy Halpin at the 2017 Sydney Conference for Australasian Light Association ‘Advancing Light For Health’. Jeremy Halpin, an acupuncturist, shiatsu practitioner, light therapist and researcher discusses light, consciousness and energy in relation to the meridians and human energy biofield. Many thanks for your inspiring and informative talk, Jeremy!

Sydney Conference – Dr. Simon Grbevski


Here is another of the outstanding presentations from our ALA Conference on Light and Health held in Sydney last March. The topic is ‘Light, Vision and the Developing Child’.

Dr. Simon Grbevski is a Behavioral Optometrist and has lectured locally and internationally in the field. He is also founder of the Australian College of Behavioural Optometry and the Australian College of Syntonics of which he is currently President.

Profile: Simon Grbevski


Dr. Simon Grbevski is a Behavioral Optometrist and has lectured locally and internationally in the field. He is also founder of the Australian College of Behavioural Optometry and the Australian College of Syntonics of which he is currently President. Syntonics, or optometric phototherapy, deals with the application of selected light frequencies through the eyes. Simon works with children with learning difficulties and on the autism spectrum, using coloured filters and syntonic phototherapy and ambient (micro) prisms.

Registration – closing!

We are so pleased with the positive response to our upcoming event – but- we will be closing registration soon. Don’t miss our programme of experts working with light, and the chance to be involved in our newly-formed association. Conference registration will close on 28th February. 

March 4-5th 2017.

We are delighted to invite friends of ILA in Australia and New Zealand, and all professionals working with light with a focus on health and wellness to our first event.

We also invite ‘non-professionals’ who are interested in learning about the use of light in promoting health and in treating a range of health issues.

Programme of speakers:

  • Karl Ryberg, Sweden (Monocrom)
  • Simon Grbevski, NSW (Syntonics)
  • Janet McDonnell, NSW (Aura Soma)
  • Simon Hansen, SA (Samassati Light Therapy)
  • Thelma van der Werff, New Zealand (Colour Comfort Method)
  • Simon Cribb, WA (Phototherapy)
  • Jeremy Halpin, Sweden (TCM)

The schedule will also include practical demonstrations of various modalities, including diagnostic testing and assessment tools.

A brief introduction to the ALA (Australasian Light Association) will be delivered at the end of Day 2. Do consider joining our ALA Chapter and contributing to the mission to:

 ‘Spread the word about light’!