International speakers for Cairns 2019!

The speakers for our next ALA conference are fixed, and we're very pleased to have three international experts coming to present in person! Here's a sneak peak of some of the presenters at our 3rd ALA conference. Dr. Susan Jamieson (Hong Kong) will speak on the topic:'Be Your Own Light' Dr Jamieson is a specialist … Continue reading International speakers for Cairns 2019!

Adelaide 2018 – Dr. Mark Rogers

Dr. Mark Rogers, a general medical practitioner working in Adelaide, South Australia, presents at the Australasian Light Association conference on the topic 'Photo-Biomodulation for the Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries'. Dr.Rogers discusses a science-based approach to pain using light medicine. He explains photo-biomodulation and the science behind it, giving case examples, including cases of migraines … Continue reading Adelaide 2018 – Dr. Mark Rogers

Adelaide 2018 – Thelma van der Werff

This is an interactive presentation titled - 'The Psychology of Colour'. Thelma van der Werff gives examples of how to analyse psychological characteristics of individuals who selected a like and dislike of specific colours. Thelma discusses her unique system called 'Colournostics', and gives insight to individual colour preference. Unfortunately, the video cut out just before … Continue reading Adelaide 2018 – Thelma van der Werff

Cairns Conference update!

Our list of presenters continues to grow and includes both international and local speakers. We're impressed with the line up and you will be, too! RASMUS GAUPP-BERGHAUSEN (Austria) - 'Water, Sound & Light'VANESSA CISNEROS (USA) - Sound & Light WorkshopDR SUSAN JAMIESON (Hong Kong) - 'Be Your Own Light'MOIRA ABERDEEN (New Zealand) - Esogetic ColourpunctureJAN van der EST (The Netherlands) - 'The Photon as Information'JANICE HILL (New Zealand) - Colour ReflexologyVICKI ENGEHAM & TRICIA SHARKEY (Australia) - 'Drop into Life with Colour'and WILMA GULDENAAR (The Netherlands) with Morning Qigong Workshops will also be available to give a 'hands-on' experience of the power of light and colour, as well as a range of exhibitors to display … Continue reading Cairns Conference update!