Immunity Mindfulness

A Colour Meditation

We have all been asked to physically retreat and stay at home during this difficult time. It is also a time where we need to draw on our inner resources, and spending some time in stillness is one way to do this.

Mindfulness through meditation, helps us connect with who we are and to clarify our focus. Meditation is also a proven method to reduce stress, strengthen our immune system, and improve overall mental health.

ALA presents a guided Colour Meditation for our network of light friends and colleagues. Lyn Doole and Maniisha Bluntschli have collaborated on the meditation which takes the listener through the colours to create “a rainbow within”. Maniisha delivers this soothing and healing meditation which aims to enhance immunity and positivity, so needed right now.

Please find a peaceful space, press play and enjoy …

ALA Colour Meditation – Immunity

8 comments on “A Colour Meditation


    Sorry, but I don’t appear to have a ‘Play’ button. I have opened this on my laptop.

    I do have one appearing on my iPad but it won’t play.

    Cheers, Irene 😊


    • Hello Irene!
      There won’t be an audio link in the notification email, but if you go to the website page, there it will be!! Amanda 🙂

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    • Irene, if you have the audio bar in front of you, just click on the arrow on the left side and the sound will begin!


  2. Annelise

    Simply wonderful! Thank you team ❤🧡💛💚💙💜


  3. Beautiful, thank you all so much, I look forward to it🌿👣🌈👣🌿

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  4. So relaxing, thank you

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  5. We loved the colour meditation and we enjoyed Maniisha’s
    lovely gentle voice.
    Clairexxx and Henry

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